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DON’T PANIC, PREPARE! To date, 80% of COVID-19 cases have been mild. However, you should prepare for the likely increase of outbreaks.

CDC RECOMMENDATIONS The best way to prevent the spread of this virus is to cover your cough, stay home when you’re sick and avoid being within six feet of others who might be sick.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE  Even though you may not be able to attend meetings, the coronavirus doesn’t have to disrupt the recovery process.

NUTRITION Healthy eating is especially important for keeping your immune system in top condition.

SLEEP It is normal to experience anxiety and sleep problems during these unprecedented times, but better sleep enables us to navigate stress times better and gives our immune system a boost.

COPING WITH STRESS & ANXIETY We understand the emotional toll this pandemic can cause, we have listed many short videos related to coping during these difficult times.

TELEHEALTH GUIDE Understand what information you should tell your doctor and what questions you should ask.

HIGH RISK Understand who is at higher risk of sever illness if they get COVID-19

FACE MASK TUTORIAL Learn how to make your own face coverings by following our step-by-step instructions.

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF WHEN YOU HAVE HEART DISEASE For heart patients prevention is key!

CABIN FEVER Learn how to cope with cabin fever

EMOTIONAL EATING Learn what emotional eating is and how to conquer it.

HOW TO GIVE BACK Learn about ways to help in your community.

COPING WITH JOB LOSS Ways to cope with stress in a healthy way if you’ve lost your job.

CYBER SCAMS Examples of common scans that are happening during quarantine.

LIFE AFTER LOCKDOWN Safety tips for workplaces, restaurants and hair salons

MENTAL HEALTH UPDATE The effects of the pandemic on mental health

COVID-19 AND BEING OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE Weight is one of the key indicators that a person will have a bad run-in with coronavirus

7 TIPS FOR TRAVELING Traveling during a pandemic requires planning the details and assessing your risks

CONTACT TRACING – Scammers are pretending to be contact tracers. Tips on how you can spot the scam

GUIDE TO RECOVERING AT HOME – Tips on how to recover at home after receiving a positive COVID-19 test

COVID-19 AT SCHOOL – Tips on what to do if your child is showing signs of COVID-19 at school

SAFETY MEASURES – List of safety measures to continue to take as the pandemic continues

VACCINATION MYTHS – Falsehoods and myths about the new vaccines are circulating widely on social media


HALLOWEEN & DIA DE LOS MUERTOS ALTERNATIVES Since the CDC has determined celebrations to be a high-risk activity, here are some fun alternatives to celebrate this fall

HALLOWEEN DO’S & DON’TS How to celebrate Halloween 2020 safely


Back-to-School Questionnaire Tools to help you make a decision about sending your student(s) back to the classroom.

Back-to-School Decision Making Tool Questionnaire from the CDC to help you make decisions about the 2020-2021 school year.

RESOURCE SHEETS Given all the questions and anxiety around the coronavirus, we wanted to offer these resources.

General Resources 

Mental Health Information for Disease Outbreaks

Mental Health Resources for those struggling with the economic impact of stay-at-home orders

Reopening Resources – List of each state’s website with reopening information

Parent Resources Ideas for how to keep your children entertained during the pandemic

Relief Tip Sheet Resources for those who are out of work and need help getting through the pandemic.

Tips for Essential Workers Learn how to take care of your mental health during the pandemic and beyond

Vaccine Eligibility by State – links for each states eligibility website

MYTH BUSTERS Read about the latest myths surrounding the coronavirus.

Flyer 1 – Released March 5, 2020

Flyer 2 – Released March 20, 2020

FAQs We have answered the most common questions to keep you and your family informed.

FAQs from Children and How to Answer Them

FAQs from Adults About Social Distancing

FAQs about Diabetes and COVID-19

FAQs about COVID-19 Testing

FAQs about Summer Camp

FAQs about Going Back to Work

FAQs about COVID-19 vaccine


Coronavirus 101

Supporting your Children & Family

Coping with Social Distancing, Isolation & Loneliness

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health

How the Coronavirus is Effecting Those with Autism


CDC – Center for Disease Control

WHO – World Health Organization

MEDSCAPE – Medical news for physicians and healthcare professionals


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