HMC HealthWorks is
committed to helping reduce
the nation’s opioid epidemic.

To deliver on our promise, we are helping plan sponsors by introducing a program to reduce the impact of opioid abuse.
Our powerful model of integrating a supportive continuum of care and patient management leads to improving patient outcomes.

Everyone deserves better outcomes here, and the role HMC HealthWorks plays is to engage all necessary individuals to seek out the best alternatives to care.

Only a clinically-founded company can understand and deliver the right care coordination and support for opioid use.

In order to achieve what seems impossible, employing highly-skilled staff with extensive background in pain management and education is necessary.

Our Medical Director is Board-Certified in Pain Management for more than 25 years. A caring nursing staff with a collective 40 years and more of experience offers knowledge and compassion so the best healthcare decisions are made.

Improving patient outcomes begins with aggressive outreach.

Our first step is to obtain a clear assessment of an individual, and address their current use of abuse of opioids, according to strict guidelines.

Evaluation of their progress and a focus on education of alternative treatment options, as well as physician outreach, are provided.

Also, we work with PBM providers to encourage stricter control for prescribing opioids.

Outreach and care coordination are only part of the solution—it takes education, too.

We look into the necessary details to help offset the $55 billion in health and social costs related to prescription opioid abuse each year.

By adding focused educational campaigns to our care coordination program, individuals learn about the adverse effects of opioid therapy and alternative treatment options.

Educational tools offer greater involvement for us to support your efforts to deliver quality care.