For Providers

For any questions regarding contracting, credentialing demographic updates or general information; please email, fax or call the Provider Relations department at:
Phone: 855-487-8914
Fax: 860-785-4860

For questions related to claims processing and payment; please call the Claims Department at:
Phone: 877-746-7471


Claims Submission:

Paper Claims – Mail to:
Uprise Health
Attn: Claims
2 Park Plaza, Suite 1200
Irvine, CA 92614

Electronic Claims – Preferred EDI Partner:
Change Healthcare; Payer ID: 75318

Provider Resources and Forms for Download:

 HMC HealthWorks Provider Manual
 Contact Us- Reference Guide
 Sample CMS 1500 Form
 CMS 1500 Claims Filing Instructions
 W-9 Form

For Participants

Learn how to improve your quality of life, and search for in-network providers by visiting your portal at:

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Self-Pay Form

Authorization to Release Information