Healthy People. Healthy Lives.
Wellness Works.

Building and sustaining a culture of health in the workplace is vital. By improving the health and wellness of the entire ecosystem, employees and their dependents experience more work-life balance, productivity and mindfulness.

HMC Healthworks does not fix employee health–we engage and motivate the individual to make long-lasting health changes that have a positive impact in their lives.

Stem the tide of absenteeism and immerse your employees into a technology experience that is practical, engaging and fun.

Simple. Fun. Accountable. Your employees stay happy, motivated and satisfied.

Our Wellness Modules

We provide one dedicated nurse care manager or wellness coach who is supported by our team of clinicians:

Weight Management

Exercise and Physical Activity

Healthy Eating Guidance

Stress Management

Smoking Cessation

Heart Disease Prevention

Diabetes Prevention

Optimizing engagement through robust technology

We provide secure and HIPAA-compliant technology solutions that engage employees everywhere and anywhere they are across multiple devices.

Comprehensive wellness assessment tools and information

Incentive and events, like health fairs

Team challenges

Reporting and analytics

Biometric screenings

Coaching platform and scheduler

Customize the look, feel and content

Secure and HIPAA compliant

Health campaigns

Self-directed behavior change courses

NCQA extensive health library

Wellness Challenge Incentives

What to do when you need more from your people? Studies have shown rewarding employees encourages wellness program uptake. More than two thirds of employers with at least 50 employees and workplace programs use financial incentives and disincentives to boost program participation.

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