Integrated Clinical Solutions.

Because clinical outcomes matter, our standalone and blended programs begin with a global and holistic view of a participant’s health. To build long-term success, we help them focus on prevention and positive behavior change. By personalizing their care plans as well as considering their ecosystem of available resources, individuals know they are not just a condition.

Solutions that enable the various stages of behavior change.

There is no silver bullet to change behavior. Participants receive personalized attention as we assess their readiness and barriers to change.

To create a personalized care plan, HMC integrates whatever data provided and available, such as medical and pharmacy claims, in addition to other assessment tools-such as health risk assessments (HRA) and biometrics.

The ultimate goal is to create a culture of health. HMC’s programs are utilized for healthy individuals as well as those with chronic conditions. We also offer Bilingual Support.

Health Education

We deliver educational resources for people who need information after talking with a health coach or nurse care manager.

Condition Management

Our intervention by connecting and reinforcing information covered during a call supports self-management and prevents complications.

Care Support

We keep the participants’ needs in mind as we deliver education in the most cost-effective ways.