Connecting employees with doctors promotes better health and lower cost

The doctor-patient relationship should be at the very core of the healthcare system. Ideally, this would help shape the most efficient healthcare model. Patients would have dedicated physicians that they trust, not only with their personal information but with their unique wellness goals. It is someone who knows them, as well as what they are trying to achieve. Specialized treatment plans would be the cornerstone of each patient’s well-being. Unique to each individual, these treatment plans would help restore health or maintain wellness in a fully comprehensive way.

A physician would also serve as a patient advocate to walk them through these intricate plans. Navigating specialists, hospital care and a full catalog of testing are just a few of the benefits of having this type of guidance. This would ensure trust and a clear vision, as well as enrich the doctor-patient relationship even beyond the standard of care. This in-depth level of patient focus is how HMC Healthworks can add value to your healthcare plan. Read more about the value of primary care in the article below.


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