Quality, integrated care improves lives and can deliver healthcare savings

Healthcare is in a constant state of evolution. When people have referred to healthcare in the past, it typically meant every wellness facet, except mental and behavioral health. HMC Healthworks is dedicated to incorporating all sides of wellness into your healthcare plan. This includes the mental health portion. Dr. Janis DiMonaco, president and CEO of HMC HealthWorks says that “Behavioral health is sort-of the black sheep of the condition family within healthcare.” It is often overlooked or not covered in common medical benefits.

Our healthcare plans at HMC Healthworks offer support services for a consistent work-life balance. Address a person’s mental health and well-being, along with their physical health, allows you to focus on the entire individual. Behavioral health issues, such as substance abuse or opiate pain management can be a major factor affecting a person’s mental status. It is crucial to address the root issue of behavioral health to fully influence overall wellness.


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