Dallas, TX – October 18, 2017 – HMC HealthWorks, 40-year veteran in healthcare management, and Medecision, the leader in population health management solutions for risk-bearing entities, announced HMC HealthWorks has selected Medecision and its suite of Aerial applications for new, automated clinical workflows, including utilization management, which will significantly enhance the care of HMC HealthWorks’ participants and plan sponsors and improve operational efficiencies.

Targeting meaningful behavior change through patient-centered care management workflows will help HMC HealthWorks strengthen clinical integration across its network, particularly between its behavioral health and disease management business lines. HMC HealthWorks will deploy a comprehensive care plan for individual members, allowing care teams to more quickly identify costly occurrences and adjust care plans.

“Medecision’s experience helping health plans manage risk, especially their best practices in utilization management and a clinically integrated platform, will be invaluable for our participants and plan sponsors. The data analytics and outcome reporting will enhance HMC’s ability to identify key health issues and areas of cost improvement for our clients,” said Dr. Janis DiMonaco, President and CEO of HMC HealthWorks. “Because our clients must balance improving patient engagement and an individual’s health with lowering healthcare costs, Medecision’s automated processes can help streamline workflows to create operational efficiencies that drive employer and participant satisfaction.”

As part of the partnership, HMC HealthWorks will deploy a number of Aerial applications, including the following:

Aerial™ Insights, which supports all Aerial applications with powerful intelligence and analytics. Aerial’s big data platform and enterprise data warehouse provide the longitudinal, person-centric knowledge base required for personalized care and population health management, as well as the insights on behavioral, physical and clinical dimensions that drive targeted workflow for optimal interventions, care plans and engagement. Advanced Population Analytics, which predicts risk and directs interventions to avoid costly occurrences through analytics, risk models, visualizations and reporting.

Financial Performance Dashboards, which provide actionable intelligence to make rapid and critical decisions in utilization, prescribing and dispensing, and population stratification.

Care Management (CM/DM/UM), a rules-based, automated workflow solution that applies accredited clinical content to the development of the most appropriate interventions and plans of care for each individual member or patient.

Clinical Programs, which use evidence-based medical standards to enable care managers and members to collaborate on the most appropriate care decisions.
Correspondence management to meet notification standards.

Health Summary™, the most powerful, complete and actionable personal health record available. The Aerial Health Summary empowers members and their care teams with a single comprehensive view of the patient’s medical care plan, risks, gaps and an up-to-the-minute care view.

“We are thrilled to welcome HMC HealthWorks to our community of progressive pioneers, and we’re particularly excited by their focus on members’ health and well-being, integrating behavioral and medical care management,” said Deborah Gage, President and CEO at Medecision. “Every Aerial application—and the powerful Insights platform from which each draws actionable insights—helps these important stakeholders thrive in population health management and value-based care.”

Dr. DiMonaco stated, “All of us at HMC are very excited and pleased to have this powerful platform that optimizes the full suite of medical management population health offerings provided by HMC and look forward to launching all that Medecision has to offer.”

This immediately follows Medecision’s announcement of acquiring AxisPoint Health’s platform business, which made Medecision the largest independent provider of care management platforms and applications in the United States, supporting the nation’s leading health plans and care delivery organizations.

About HMC HealthWorks
HMC HealthWorks, the premier national provider of population healthcare management programs, offers plan sponsors value-added programs including Integrated Clinical Solutions, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Solutions, Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching and Care Coordination.

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