Summer has arrived! You and your kids have been through a challenging year and now it’s time to relax and engage in summer activities. While it might be tempting for kids to sleep in or watch tv most of the day, it is best to stay active. The recommendation for kids is for 60 minutes or more of daily physical activity not only during school, but year-round.
Summertime is great for active family excursions, whether day trips, weekend getaways, or long vacations. These help kids learn to love exercise. Active kids become active adults and are much less likely to suffer from some of the preventable health conditions caused by inactive lifestyles. Active vacations and physical activity make unforgettable memories and help families bond.
One of the best ways to encourage lifelong excitement for physical activity is to make sure the activities are fun and engaging. You can take activity requests from your family but also try to introduce a wide variety of games and sports. The more creative you can be – the better! Not only will this help everyone avoid boredom, but it might uncover a hidden interest or talent. It doesn’t matter how you and your family stay active, just keep it fun!
Here are some enjoyable summer activity ideas:
  • Play catch in the backyard. Creative twist: Use water balloons
  • Create your own obstacle course at the playground or in your backyard.
  • Start a biking or walking club with friends or family.
  • Take a family walk around your neighborhood. Creative twist: Invite other neighbors to reconnect or get to know each other.
  • Play a tag game. Creative twist: Use water squirters.
  • Take a hike at a park or preserve. Creative twist: Make it a photo scavenger hunt and take photos of feathers, specific tree leaves or flowers etc.
  • Play backyard games. Creative twist: Put together your own summer Olympic games.
  • Do water-based activities to cool down. Creative twist: Sprinkler baseball or a slip-n-slide competition.
  • Create and maintain a flower or vegetable garden.

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