For a lot of families Thanksgiving is a delicious holiday filled with family meals and treasured traditions. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic  – instead of focusing on how this year will look different; find creative ways to celebrate together while staying apart.

Welcome to virtual Thanksgiving!

You don’t have to fight traffic, have your luggage lost or, do extra cleaning to get your house looking festive. A virtual Thanksgiving is a safe and fun way to stay in touch with family and friends. Simply set up the web camera at the dinner table and share the meal without having to share the stuffing.

Who doesn’t love getting mail?

Sending a box with festive Thanksgiving themed gifts is a great way to show love from afar. Pick out fun games and a sweet treat for grandchildren, nieces or nephews and Thanksgiving themed napkins, local spices or wares for adults to enjoy.

A long weekend is a great time to watch or re-watch your favorite movies.

Pick a movie series such as Harry Potter, Toy Story or your favorite Disney, 80s classics films. Enjoy Thanksgiving favorites like Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, What’s Cooking and Free Birds to extend the fun. Find a warm blanket, make some popcorn and enjoy your favorite flicks together.

Connect with your community by volunteering.

The holidays are a great time to give back and to teach children about the importance of helping those in need. Please take necessary precautions of wearing a mask, practicing hand hygiene and social distancing. If you are worried about working indoors at a soup kitchen or food pantry, try doing some trail or park clean up.

Need a few more ideas?

Try a family game night, host a family 5k walk or run race, go camping, or try a new Thanksgiving menu.


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