We live in a fast-paced, connected, technology centered world and are often looking for the next best tech sensation. It’s easy to get stuck in an unhealthy relationship with technology. This is where digital wellness or digital well-being comes in. According to Made of Millions, a mental health advocacy organization, digital wellness or well-being means using technology mindfully, intentionally, and compassionately so that it doesn’t damage yours or others mental and emotional well-being.


For most of us, there is no eliminating tech from our lives. We touch our smartphones 2,600+ times a day and it’s hard to think of an aspect of our lives that tech doesn’t touch. We use it for dining, shopping, health and fitness, home monitoring, travel, work, dating, leisure and staying connected. With tech so woven into our everyday lives, it’s important to find balance. Being digitally well requires you to tune into how the technology you use makes you and others feel. The best way to accomplish this is to be mindful about your habits and tendencies. If you or a loved one notice that you’re using one or more forms of tech too much or you are turning to technology instead of connecting with others; then it is time to examine and rebalance your relationship with tech.


You can start to regain balance by avoiding the use of two screens at once and trying meditative techniques to stop you from reaching for your phone when you are bored or feel uncomfortable. You can also be picky about what apps you allow to send you notifications and learn about your tech, so you get all the benefits possible when you do use it. To truly disconnect, stop using technology to fill up free time and recognize when you don’t need to be connected, like after work or on vacation.


We must try to use technology to enhance our lives, relationships, knowledge, sense of calm, and connection with others. Focus on how tech supports positive interactions, helps you spread compassion, kindness and contributes to important causes you believe in.


Wondering if you are too connected? Take this 12-question quiz to find out: https://virtual-addiction.com/digital-distraction-test/


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