MYTH: Mental health conditions are uncommon.
FACT: In the U.S, almost half of adults (46.4%) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. Five percent of adults (18 or older) experience a mental illness in a given year that limits one or more major life activities. This is equivalent to 43.8 million people. 1 in 25 Americans experience a serious mental illness.
MYTH: Mental illness is caused by personal weakness.
FACT: Mental illness is not the fault of the person who has a mental health condition. It is caused by environmental and biological factors, not a result of personal weakness.
MYTH: People with mental illness can’t handle work.
FACT: Stressful situations can be difficult for all people, not just those who live with mental illness. People with mental health conditions have jobs, go to school, and are active members of their communities.
MYTH: You can never get better from a mental illness.
FACT: Mental health issues are not always lifelong disorders. With the right recovery plan, people can live productive and healthy lives.

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