We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. -John Dryden
Many Americans see the start of a new year as a time to evaluate their lives over the previous year. Evaluation can sometimes lead us to set lofty resolutions that rarely make it into February. Here are a few ways to make your resolutions into habits. And remember, any time you try to better your body, mind or spirit, it’s a good thing.
Be Realistic
Instead of trying to lose 50 pounds quickly, set small realistic milestones. Goals don’t always have to be about cutting out your favorite foods or spending countless hours at the gym. Focus on adding a positive new habit to your life. Creating positive and reachable goals builds confidence and increases the likelihood that you will stick with your new habit over time.
Give Back
Try increasing your quality time with family and friends or give back to your local community. These goals will fill your heart and hopefully last longer than vowing off chocolate or chips.
Work Together
Making changes can be easier with a friend or health professional in your corner. Friends and family can be great for accountability and for celebrating your success. If you prefer privacy with your goals, seek out online support groups, apps and you may have health coaches provided through your health insurance.

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